Here’s what others say…

I have no idea how it works but when I went I was at the lowest point in my life with severe joint pain and after three sessions I was able to function again.” 33 year old woman

I couldn’t kneel due to old age which meant I couldn’t spend much time in the garden (something I love doing). A few sessions later I had no pain in the knee and could kneel like I was 25 again!
74 year old man

Talking doesn’t come naturally to me but with Kinesiology you don’t have to, your body does the talking 29 year old man

I’ve suffered from chronic back pain for many years, undergone surgery, MRI scans, Cat Scans, seen specialist consultants, attended a number of pain management clinics…the list goes on. I was told I wouldn’t be able to work full time, shouldn’t even think about running. Well, the truth is, I still suffer from pain, however, with regular treatments of Kinesiology, the pain is a lot easier to manage AND more importantly I work full time and managed a half marathon too!  I don’t know how it works, it just does, amazing!” 36 year old woman